Epic Browser

A privacy-focused web browser based on Mozilla FireFox

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Product Description

Epic Browser is not the first nor will it be the last FireFox-based web browser that aims to improve user privacy. When Google Chrome was released years ago, third party Chromium-based browsers appeared shortly thereafter that offered most of what Chrome had to offer, but without several of the tracking or privacy-invading feature.

The majority of those browsers are still around, and Epic Browser will have to compete against them and FireFox, and probably other web browsers as well.

There are 11 potential leaks fixed that may reveal information about you and your browsing habits to Internet companies such as Google.

No address bar suggest
No URL checks
Auto-translate has been removed
No URL Tracker
Installation ID removed
RLZ-Tracking number removed
Default Updater removed
Installation time stamp removed
No alternate error pages
No navigation error suggestions
No error reporting

In addition to that, it more or less defaults to private browsing mode by preventing the recording of history, caches, passwords, pre-fetching and other features that may reveal information about the user.

The developers of Epic Browser have added features to the browser that FireFox ship with. This includes a one-click US proxy server (powered by Spotflux) that users can make use of to hide their original IP address when they are browsing on the Internet (yes, this includes access to US-only services such as Hulu), integrated ad blocking and tracker blocking, automatic blocking of third party cookies, and automatic use of https versions of websites if provided.

It is interesting to note that Epic Browser will enable the proxy by default on Google to prevent the tracking of your IP address on the site. What more? It blocks the sending of the referral header when you use the search engine so that third party websites do not know what your search term was that led you to their website.

Another interesting feature is the umbrella icon that you can use for quick access to several core features such as ad and third party cookie blocking.