Star Wars: Republic Commando

Play as a Storm Trooper in this game of action and strategy

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Product Description

The Clone Wars continues to progress and the missions have become more dangerous because of the hosts of Count Doku and separatists, but you and your soldiers are able to face any situation and solve to the satisfaction of your superiors.

Republic Commando is the latest game in the Star Wars universe, where you take control of the captain of a command consists of three specialized soldiers will head to the game. The classic action game offers pure style Quake, but with the difference to give simple orders to other soldiers as advances replégate, etc.

In addition, as a major innovation, we see on the screen called “hot spots” where one can strategically place our soldiers with a push of a button.

All this amid a unique atmosphere thanks to the graphic and sound environment. The two features of the game they make you feel so practically perfect in Star Wars.