Windows Live Messenger

Chat with your friends, share videos and photos!

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Product Description

Windows Live Messenger brings new and better features for all its users. It is one of the most comprehensive instant messengers on the market. It is also designed for any type of user, from an experienced computer user to a novice.

Sharing your ideas is a pleasant experience with Windows Live Messenger. This program doesn’t have any problem with sharing photos or pictures: any user can display a complete slide show, without experiencing slow downs. With only dragging and dropping the files, you will be able to show your photos into the interface.

Other aspect to highlight is the web cam experience: you will be able to chat with one person and at the same use the cam to set up a video conference with another contact. That makes a big difference. Windows Live Messenger brings us a high definition (HD) quality in your video conferences too. This is great for everybody who loves chatting face to face.

With Windows Live Messenger, you will be more connected with the world than ever. This is possible because the instant messenger allows you to connect with social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace. You will get the optimal possibilities and the newest features to provide social updates; this means that you will know everything about your friends’ profiles, and will see their latest updates. Download Windows Live Messenger!